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A Traditional Pattern Sterling Silver PIN Brooch

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A Traditional Pattern Sterling Silver PIN Brooch

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A Traditional Pattern Sterling Silver Pin Brooch

[ Practicality & design superiority ]
1. Designed with the motif of Korea traditional decorative tin, it is a brooch pin that even ladies in their twenties can wear conveniently having a good feeling toward the traditional design.

  • Butterfly patter : symbolizing beauty and pleasure
  • Plain clothes pattern : Good fortune and wealth
  • Elixir plant pattern : imply health and long life
  • Swallow tail pattern : imply success

2. Brooch pin is connected to various fashion items such as jacket, muffler etc. and adopts a rear decoration being connected in a simple way ? Adopt safe clipping device.
3. 4 related design applications

[ Strong point of technology & product features such as concrete specification etc. ]
1. Adopt a safe rear decoration.
2. Make a final manufacturing pattern with 3D Printing Model Design of which quality can be maintained and produced even if 100 years pass.
3. Self-product design and self-production

[ Others]
1. Product selected at 2015 2nd half contest of star products development by Korea Institute of Crafts Design Promotion
2. Product superiority
1) Posses a company own brand & manufacturing base as a domestic company
* Own brand : Moment Of Us
* Trademarks application no. 40-2016-0026959 / Service mark(sales) application no. 41-2016-0017225
2) Selected as a support business in 2016 by Small and Medium Business Administration
3) Published in magazine [ Crafts+Design 17 ]
Published in KCDF star products book
Published manufacturing process in YouTube motion video
4) 4 related design applications
* Design application no. 30-2016-0009130 Butterfly pattern part design
* Design application no. 30-2016-0009143 Bat pattern part design
* Design application no. 30-2016-0009144 Elixir plant pattern part design
* Design application no. 30-2016-0009145 Swallow tail pattern part design

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